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Elevating Property Management Experience - Complete Website Redesign for Renta Properties

The Client

Renta Properties is a leading Property Management Company based in the United Kingdom. With a commitment to delivering exceptional property management services, Renta Properties caters to a diverse clientele, offering a wide range of services.


Web Design & Development



When Renta Properties approached us, their existing website lacked a modern and cohesive design that aligned with their brand identity. The outdated website also presented limitations in functionality, notably the absence of property listings, making it challenging for prospective clients to explore available properties. Additionally, the client desired seamless integration with their booking management software to optimize property management processes.


To overcome the challenges faced by Renta Properties and provide a cutting-edge solution, our web design and development team embarked on a comprehensive redesign and integration journey. The following key innovations were implemented:
  1. Modern Website Redesign: Understanding the importance of brand consistency and a contemporary online presence, we developed a bespoke website design that harmonized with Renta Properties’ brand identity. The new design offered an intuitive user interface, ensuring effortless navigation for website visitors.
  2. Property Listings Functionality: To enhance the property search experience for clients, we integrated a comprehensive property listings feature into the website. This allowed users to explore and filter available properties based on their preferences and requirements, streamlining the property selection process.
  3. User-Friendly Admin Panel: To empower Renta Properties with efficient property management, we incorporated an easy-to-use admin panel. This enabled their team to add, edit, and manage property listings effortlessly, providing them with full control over their property inventory.
  4. Seamless Booking Management Integration: Recognizing the significance of seamless operations, we integrated the website with Renta Properties’ existing booking management software. This integration enabled automatic synchronization of property availability, reducing manual efforts and ensuring real-time data accuracy.
  5. Responsive Design: With a growing number of users accessing websites on mobile devices, we ensured that the redesigned website was fully responsive. The responsive design allowed potential clients to explore properties and access essential information conveniently, regardless of the device they were using.


In close collaboration with Renta Properties, our web design and development experts successfully transformed their online presence through a complete website redesign. By adding essential functionalities such as property listings and implementing an easy-to-use admin panel, we empowered the client with enhanced control over their property management processes. The modern website design not only captivated visitors but also reflected the professionalism and credibility of Renta Properties as a leading property management company in the UK. The integration with their booking management software streamlined operations, resulting in increased efficiency and improved customer experiences. With the newly designed and feature-rich website, Renta Properties witnessed a surge in user engagement and client inquiries. The platform’s user-friendly interface, combined with the seamless property management integration, significantly optimized their day-to-day operations, making property listings and bookings more accessible and efficient. As a result of our innovative solutions and collaborative approach, Renta Properties now boasts a modern, user-centric website that aligns with their brand image and supports their commitment to delivering exceptional property management services. The successful website redesign has positioned Renta Properties as a preferred choice among property seekers in the competitive UK real estate market, driving continued growth and success for their business.


We are very pleased with the work Easify has done to develop our new website. When they approached us, we were quite impressed with the market analysis they had done even prior to the project. They are very helpful and always available to make any modifications. Our relationship with them continues due to their excellent performance.

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